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Monhegan Preserved

David Aimone Gallery

Monhegan Preserved

In the eyes of the photographer David Aimone, art emerges as a potent instrument for unraveling the splendor inherent in the world. Monhegan Island, a realm of awe-inspiring landscapes and panoramic views, becomes a poignant testament to this fascination. Dating back to the 1800s, artists have sought solace on this island, now predominantly under the guardianship of a private non-profit land trust that graciously opens its trails and vistas to global visitors. Positioned 10 miles away from the nearest coastal land, the island spans a modest one square mile, hosting an expansive network of 9 miles of hiking trails.

From the rugged, precipitous cliffs surveying the ocean to the tranquil, concealed nooks where wildlife congregates, the island unfolds as a boundless wellspring of inspiration. Aimone's goal is to encapsulate the island's distinctive allure, sharing its secrets to inspire a fresh outlook on the world for others.

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