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Monhegan Spruce Forest

David Aimone

Photographer and Print Maker


I use a variety of alternative and experimental methods to capture and present a subject in a different way, allowing/provoking the viewer to go beyond that which is obvious at first glance. These methods steer the away from the perceived perfection of modern photographic techniques, which in their own way prevent the viewer from seeing below the idealized surface of the subject.  Going beyond, the result is a more deeply satisfying and illuminating experience through the viewers’ own perceptions, allowing them to find the meaning, emotion and unexpected revelations within the image.


Each alternative and experimental method is a tool to produce a range of alternative representations for the image.

Modern photographic techniques, often considered as reaching a “perfection”, provide a literal and intellectual understanding of the presented subject. By using alternative and experimental methods, the viewer AND the artist can find an intangible, indirect, artful story beyond the literal and perfect. I strive to present that which cannot be rendered merely through intellectually and technically perfect narrative stories.

Methods used for capture and presentation are part of the continuum of tools for making my images. They are one process, allowing a range of re-presentations for viewer interpretation.  While each method individually may seem simple within itself, the totality of the process becomes inexplicably and mysteriously complex compared to computerized, algorithmic photography.

Often when working with these methods, and at different stages along the way, there are many “aha!” moments. These moments can be as the subject takes form on a ground glass, as the negatives are pulled from the developer, as a print comes to life through the stages of development, just to describe a few examples.  Rarely when using editing tools on the computer do these “aha!” moments appear.

About David

David resides in Saratoga Springs, NY


As a musician and coming from a musical and creative family, I look to make artistic images though photography.

I love to work with natural light, to find the beauty in subjects from people to landscapes. Using old lenses, various types of film, and exploring image production through techniques from digital manipulation through digital negatives to handcrafted prints are all part of my repertoire.

As far as beauty is concerned, it can be found in the subject itself, the lighting which renders the subject, the textures in the images, or the patterns that make up the image.  One of my main goals is to portray a subject or a theme in a way that is not common or expected, through those aspects of beauty listed above.  When working with people, I try to draw upon their individuality and their inner essence and establish a deeper working relationship.  Here my goal is to photograph the subject for its inherent traits or beauty, as opposed to layering what society expects to see in the individual though advertising, selling, stereotypes, etc.

The blending of old and new, as well as traditional photography and other art forms, is something I am also very interested in.  This began with shooting and developing film, continued with large format and the use of old, sometimes “imperfect” lenses (by modern standards).  I am attracted to soft focus images and pictorialism.  Pinhole and zoneplate cameras continued taking me in this direction. Alternative methods of printing on handcoated paper is another recent way for me to create images that are handmade, unique and expressive.

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Photographer David Aimone with View Camera

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