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About These Prints

What makes these prints so special? They are handcrafted by the artists using archival and or historically sound methods. Some prints are multi-layered and/or unique one-of-a-kind. Many utilized the finest papers, noble metals, pigments and photographic print processes "rediscovered" since the reign and dominance of digital, push-a-button prints. Even archival pigment prints are made using archival inks and papers by mills such as Arches and Hahnemuhle. These prints are works of art in the truest sense.Take a look below at some of the processes we use to make these prints. These processes as described below, are simple explanations of sometimes very complex and delicate processes. For every successful print, artists have experimented and learned their processes through many failures, and some delightful surprises! When noted, we do utilize modern methods for special print runs and styles, but the focus here is on Artist-Handcrafted-Prints. All prints are shipped matted (except where otherwise indicated) and in protective sleeves. Print Sizes are approximate Image Size, placed in a larger mat.

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