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Body Suites 1 & 2

David Aimone Gallery

Body Suites 1 & 2

Exploration of the Intimate

The "Body Suites" series emerges as a recent manifestation, capturing the essence of two collections of film photographs taken both recently and years ago. Departing from conventional approaches, the series explores the interplay of hands delicately placed across various parts of the body, each frame imbued with a unique perspective. Employing an antique portrait lens with a nuanced depth of focus, the artist David Aimone plays with the notion of hands as symbols of offering and concealment, creating a distinctive and serene visual narrative.

This series serves as an intimate invitation to challenge conventional notions of beauty and perfection. By presenting glimpses of the body in natural contexts, influenced by the nuances of the capture and printing process, the work urges viewers to reconsider societal expectations. The human body, in its unadorned form, is celebrated for its inherent beauty. The images deliberately defy the need for censorship, fostering an environment where bodies are portrayed with authenticity rather than through a commodified lens.

Every print in the series undergoes an identical development process, utilizing Kallitype Black developer and a Palladium Toner. This meticulous approach results in a soft blackish-beige tonality, enhancing the subtle nuances of each composition. Whether viewed individually or as a cohesive series, the "Body Suite" invites contemplation on the multifaceted nature of the human form and challenges preconceived notions surrounding its representation in art.

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