From platinum to silver gelation, cyanotype to gum bichromate; from making photographic prints with leaves or with oil paints; this is our series to introduce you to a wide range of photographs made by hand.

Valerie C – Introduction

Hi, just a short introduction as the newest member of group. 

I work in cyanotype at the moment. They are anything but traditional except for the chemicals I use. I don’t work in series or at least haven’t yet. Each work is an ongoing experiment pushing my unlimited imagination and passion to find the limits of cyanotype. I don’t think there are any. These are all photograms using wet or wet into wet cyanotype done on paper, a failed lumen or perhaps over another cyanotype. I’ll leave the how to do part for future posts. I will be adding lumens and photography as I go along. My goal is to push boundaries, excite the eye, make you look a second, third or more times, get up close to see the fine detail and interpret them as you may.

— Valerie C.

More of Valerie's Work Here:

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  1. dkaimone

    Welcome aboard, Valerie!!!

  2. Valerie Cargo

    Glad to be here David.

  3. Colleeen Gleason

    What lovely work, Valerie!

    1. Valerie Cargo

      Thanks Colleen. I really like your work as well and am looking forward to seeing more!

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