Shades of Verdancy

Color Hybrid Landscapes by David Aimone

Show runs Tuesday April 2nd through May 4th

Opening Reception Tuesday, April 2nd from 6 to 8pm

Location: SOHO Photo Gallery, NYC

The 15 images for this set of prints have been chosen through an exploration of combined alternative processes: gum bichromate, cyanotype and platinum/palladium combined in layers.  The results are both bold/beautiful color and subtle/delicate shading and textures.  The combination of gum bichromate with the other processes give these images a surreal life of their own, which I embrace in this presentation.  In the process, the verdancy of these images came through strikingly, even though none of the processes themselves are “green” by nature.  Various perspectives of nature, from literal to impressionistic, juxtaposed often with a secondary human constructed element, highlight this combined approach to the various print processes.  This is both an exploration of the combination of print processes as well as a portfolio of exquisite landscape photographic captures..