Workshop: Introduction to Digital Negatives through Cyanotype, Saratoga Springs, March 16th 2019

Intro to Digital Negatives Through Cyanotypes

This 6 hour introductory workshop is designed to accomplish the following basics for students:

The students will learn how to print a cyanotype from a digital negative.
The students will learn what a digital negative is and how to use one.
We will start the day by taking your image from a digital file and walk through the process to create a digital negative.  From there, you will learn the process of cyanotype printing, from learning what materials are needed, coating appropriate paper/surfaces, exposing the cyanotype and developing the cyanotype.  If time allows, we will go through the process of bleaching and toning the cyanotype.

This is an introductory course. Calibrating digital negatives is a somewhat complex subject, so we will go over the process but will use the instructor’s pre-calibrated procedure to create your digital negative. Another longer, more in-depth workshop will be offered on digital negatives separately.  You will acquire the overall knowledge to print cyanotypes, which can be done from digital negatives, film negatives or other sources. We will also talk briefly about lumen printing with cyanotypes, which is the easiest way to do rudimentary, non-photographic prints.


  • No prior experience with digital negatives or cyanotype printing is necessary.
  • No prior experience with editing digital files on a computer necessary, but you will need this in the future to do your own digital negatives.
  • You need to bring one or more image files from a digital camera, phone or scanned film at least 3000 pixels on the long side of the image (roughly, the bigger the better).


Date: Saturday, March 16th, 11am-5pm

Cost: $80/student, including materials

Limit of 5 students, minimum 2 students to run

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY (more details after registration.

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