Workshop: Film Photography w/o a Darkroom, Saratoga Springs, 4/19/19

Film Photography Without a Darkroom

This 8 hour introductory workshop is designed to accomplish the following basics for students:

  • The students will learn the basics of shooting with film cameras (black and white film).
  • The students will learn how to develop film with out a darkroom and scan the images into a computer file for printing or sharing.

To start, we will go over the use of film cameras, both 35mm and medium format (a brief intro to large format photography will also be given.  We will load film cameras and learn the basics of exposure, focus and composition and then go out and shoot with the film cameras.

Later in the day we will transfer the film into daylight tanks via a changing bag and develop the film.  Once developed, the film will be dried and the students will scan their film into digital computer files.

This is an introductory course. Using a film camera to shoot film, developing and printing images is an advanced topic and requires more time to cover thoroughly. There will be advanced courses on this topic offered.  Completing this workshop will allow you to experience the process from beginning to end, and you will leave with an understanding of what you will need to do this at home, both from the knowledge perspective and understanding what equipment and resources you will need to shoot and develop film at home.


  • No prior experience with film cameras is necessary. If you have a film camera or access to one, bring it. If not we may be able to arrange a loaner.
  • No prior experience with film development is necessary, and you don’t need a darkroom at home.



Date: Saturday, April 20, 2019, 10am-6pm

Cost: $100/student, including materials

Limit of 5 students, minimum 2 students to run

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY (more details after registration.

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