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Université Laval School of Architecture, Quebec City

Single Image — In Depth

Print by David Aimone

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This image/print is from a while ago, I really like it. Architecture College in Quebec City, gum oil print from a Bencini Koroll 24s shot.

The Bencini 24S is a rugged little medium format camera from the 1950'swith virtually no bells and whistles. Its body is entirely aluminum cast. It is a half frame camera: you get twice as many images (24) as normal on a roll of 120 film. One shutter speed and two aperture settings on the camera. It gives everything an ethereal quality: not blurry, not super sharp. Gumoil prints use gum arabic, light-sensitive dichromate and artist grade oil paints to create the print. The first two ingredients are used to create a negative matrix on the paper, where the oil paint sticks to the paper but is repelled by the light-hardened gum arabic.Links to more information on both the camera and the printing process below.

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