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A Dream Come True

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

        <h2>AIMONEPHOTO</h2><h3 data-elementor-setting-key="title" data-elementor-inline-editing-toolbar="basic">The Backstory of This Update</h3><style>.elementor-18669 .elementor-element.elementor-element-4a7bbcec:not(.elementor-motion-effects-element-type-background), .elementor-18669 .elementor-element.elementor-element-4a7bbcec > .elementor-motion-effects-container > .elementor-motion-effects-layer{background-color:#000000;}.elementor-18669 .elementor-element.elementor-element-4a7bbcec{transition:background 0.3s, border 0.3s, border-radius 0.3s, box-shadow 0.3s;}.elementor-18669 .elementor-element.elementor-element-4a7bbcec > .elementor-background-overlay{transition:background 0.3s, border-radius 0.3s, opacity 0.3s;}.elementor-18669 .elementor-element.elementor-element-610e04b3{text-align:center;}.elementor-18669 .elementor-element.elementor-element-5e5556e{text-align:center;}.elementor-18669 .elementor-element.elementor-element-5e5556e .elementor-image img{width:35%;}</style><section data-id="4a7bbcec" data-element_type="section" data-settings="{&quot;background_background&quot;:&quot;classic&quot;}"><h2>The Relaunch</h2>AimonePhoto, in its previous incarnation, was hosted on another server, and presented a wide range of topics and community.  There were other artists selling their prints through the site and it, frankly, became unwieldy.

So, here on our new hosting site we present a re-imagined website exclusively featuring the prints and artwork of David and Steven Aimone, brothers.  We will occasionally continue to highlight the work of others, and we hope to provide information and images to you that are both enjoyable and informative.We invite you to follow this new phase of our journey by subscribing to our newsletter.

Steve & David Aimone


My brother David and I have been very close our entire lives and we’ve always shared an intense interest in the fine arts (our grandmother was a piano teacher, our grandfather a wood sculptor, an aunt a first chair violinist, our father a wood sculptor whose drawings I found years later stashed under piles of things in the attic). So we were blessed and surrounded…Growing up, we both focused our creative energies on music (who, growing up in the 60s, didn’t play the guitar?). David showed a hefty interest in photography back then as well, to be re-kindled later with great intensity, as you’ll see here.As a young adult, David continued to develop his artistic voice as a musical composer and instrumentalist (check out his 2004 CD, Isle of Glass). I, on the other hand, focused on painting and drawing, studying at the Art Students’ League in NYC, receiving an MFA from Brooklyn College, and eventually exhibiting, teaching, and authoring books on abstract painting.



Mother & Aunts

Aunt Hilda

Grandparents and Trumpet Bandleader

In 2007 I purchased a Nikon D40 so that I could take pictures of artists working for use in my book, Expressive Drawing. I began taking images for my own satisfaction as well. In 2008 David and I began a tradition of spending substantial time together each year on Monhegan Island, Maine. I would paint, David would photograph. I began accompanying him on photo walks, watching him shoot with a variety of film cameras while I shot with the D40. I remember asking him, in all seriousness, “Dave, why are you bothering to shoot with film when we have these digital cameras that can do the job just as well and much more easily?” His response was to hand me a pair of old, medium format film cameras (a Rolleicord twin lens reflex and a Zeiss Ikonta M) and encourage me to experience shooting film to find out for myself. The reasons became quite clear to me right away…

Before becoming an abstract painter, my primary subject was landscape. Photography now became by re-entry into the world of working “from life.” I came to understand the expressive territory that painting and photography shared. For me, one fed the other and visa versa. Gradually photography became a central part of my artistic practice.

Gum over Gold Toned Kallittype print.

Meanwhile, David consistently, steadily, and quite remarkably expanded his explorations into the expressive potential of photography. It became clear that his imagery and expressive temperament aligned with pictorialism which, in essence, sought to express the emotion of beauty rather than simply to document appearances, to express the ideal rather than the straight-forward. In recent years he has increasingly focused on alternative photographic processes which create one of a kind imagery, often nurtured by hand, and representative of a merger of photography and painting.

Several years ago David and I began to collaborate by curating and exhibiting together. The first exhibition, presented at Aimone Art at Carina House Gallery on Monhegan, was From Maine to Montepulciano and presented pairings of images from timeless references found in Maine and in Italy. The show and the enthusiastic response it drew encouraged us to expand our photographic presence on the island and the following year we presented a Monhegan Island Photo Invitational at Carina House. The exhibition subsequently traveled to 25 Oak Gallery in Rockland, Maine.

And so here we are, in 2020. David, whose online photographic presence is well established, has invited me to join him in converting his website into a two-person endeavor— Aimone Photographic. It is indeed a dream to share virtual space and offer our images for you to experience. We’ll be showing portfolios and offering blogposts that inform and offer commentary. We’ll offer exhibition opportunities to other artists and workshops open to the public . And, of course, we’d invite you to consider adding our work to your personal art collection (if you don’t have one yet, we urge you to start one). Prints (and series of prints) are offered for sale, and we are eager and willing to answer questions you may have and offer counsel upon request.Please do join our community here by signing up for our mailing list, Photo Fridays. It is a pleasure, privilege, (and dream come true) to introduce to you Aimone Photographic!

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