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The Photograph as an Immersive Experience

This image of Jasmine, "Nesting" is one of my favorite images of mine. Yet, it is almost ignored by everyone. I'm guessing that the reason for this is that the image is very dark and very easy to glance at quickly and pass over for a more eye-catching image. These days, the competition for our attention is fierce, and images that grab you easily will more likely get that attention. If you're reading this, I have your attention and so does this photographic print!

What do I like about this image? When I create an image, whether eye-catching or not, I try to present a richness in subject (even if not a narrative subject), tones, texture, light and form. I like the ethereal dark tones and light of this image. The darkness frames the main subject, which is Jasmine curled up in a beam of sunlight in the forest. The trees and the horizon above her not only frame her compositionally, but with texture. All of this is aided by the Kallitype process toned with gold, which also gives the image a rich woody color.

A soft focus lens was used for this image, and the Kallitype print adds to that softness. Yet the details are there and remain sharp even with this treatment. The roots of the trees emphasize the subjects roots to the forest. Finally, the rocks at the bottom remain a mystery by being barely visible or identifiable, but provide a base upon which the image sits. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the lovely location, Jasmine or Sol!

So, while easy to glance at and pass by, this image offers the opportunity for immersion, revealing hidden details and allowing the viewer to compose their own story for the picture.

What do you think?

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