Steve Aimone — Portfolios

The photographs that follow are concrete forms that reflect my experiences of what it is like to be alive in this world. While the experiences are internal, my responses to them, filtered through photographic materials and methods, create new, external forms. These re-presentations” stand as new experiences for both artist and viewer.

For me, encounters with the visible world serve as gateways or portals into worlds both internal and transcendent, to realms of the invisible, immeasurable, and incomprehensible. You might say that the images serve as reflections of nature both internal and external, two sides of the same coin. At their most satisfying, the images speak poetically and metaphorically of both.

Nature everywhere and anywhere can serve as access-ways to these experiences and creative responses. The portfolios you’ll see here are organized by location. Each place is one I’ve experienced extensively and found very satisfying to work in…