Agfa CLACK Doll Buggy Series

Like the camera, this prop came to me serendipitously - I found it abandoned in a ditch. Much of the vinyl fabric was rotted, but with a lot of duct tape and a spray with white paint it looks decent from a distance. I've also painted it black for use in snow. This was the first series I shot with the CLACK. I was still figuring out how to use it in varied lighting conditions. The film was Foma, which tends toward too much contrast for my taste; when I switched to Fuji Acros (may it rest in peace) I was much more satisfied with the results. I processed the film and scanned it at the Burlington City Arts darkroom, where I work on weekends.

Tim Gottshall
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About the Agfa Clack

The Agfa CLACK was produced in Germany in the 1950’s. Thousands were made, and they were popular in both Europe and the USA. Mine is an early version, probably made in 1955 or ’56. It uses 120 film in the 6×9 format. There’s one – very slow – shutter speed, and two “f-stops”, a big hole and a small hole.

I acquired my CLACK in a box of old cameras I bought for $10 in an antique shop in Bristol, VT. It was in its original vinyl case, which broke into pieces when i tried to open it. The camera inside was perfect; it looked as it it had never been used. I’ve come to love it and it’s now my favorite camera.

I’ve adapted to the slow shutter speed by almost always using a tripod, and I’ve found I can shoot in low light by holding the shutter open for what seems like the appropriate time. Thankfully the film I’ve used is enough forgiving of exposure time that I lose few shots.

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