Portfolio — Tika Jabanashvil

Tbilisi, Georgia

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About These Images

In this series I wanted to convey my feelings and attitude towards art. It is titled “Self-Portrait.” These images are made with a cellphone, and they are of the artist, by the artist. Imagination is central to these self portraits.

About Tika Jabanashvil

Tika has a Graduate Master Degree in Law. She has been interested in photography for about a three years. In the past, she has been a dancer and actress so the arts have always been a constant companion and influence in her life. All her works are taken on a mobile phone, mostly in documentary and conceptual genre. Tika uses an iPhone to capture people in their day to day surrounding in muted, analogue tones. “I love how mobile photography allows me to be unnoticed and spontaneous. It’s completely built on the suddenness of the moment. A scene can present itself to you so quickly that you do not have long to prepare for it. If you were to take to long to prepare then you may lose your shot.”

Tika’s first exhibition was held in 2018, with a conceptual-experimental topic: Laundry, with the name “Hanging Out the Washing”. Her work follows a conceptual and documentary theme. “I’m totally in love with street photography. I was working on a new conceptual topic called “autoportrait”. Now I work with the new theme called “same and different.” The most important things for me in photography is the light. Light is key in photography. It can change many things about a composition. Using natural light adds a wonderful quality to a photo. I love capturing the warmth of sun in my images.”

In 2019, Tika was nominated among the best 16 mobile photographers by EyeEm and in the competition organized by the same platform, and her photos were among the top ten on the topic of minimalism and mobile photography. Later, her photos were exhibited at the Berlin Photo Week and printed in a different magazines. Photos from this project have also been published on vogue.it. as well as in a BBC article.

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  1. David Aimone

    There are limits to what the iPhone can do, but Tika’s work is more evidence that great work can be done with just an iPhone. Thank you for sharing your work with us Tika!

  2. Colleen Gleason

    Tika’s color portrait work holds the solid promise of commercial opportunity. Beautiful, contemplative portfolio, Tika.

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