Sofi Mdivnishvili

Tbilisi, Georgia

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About These Images

,As most post-soviet countries, Georgia remains a conservative country. For me that means facing a variety of social problems every day. Nudity is still regarded as shameful, so even today some young people don’t like you when you are ,,different” or want to express yourself as you are.

I never identify my models and it is particularly impossible from the pictures because I never take their faces, or they are always covered. That’s why from the very first moment when I met these girls we became very close because we have something to hide. Others may feel we show too much, but we are just showing who we are.

It is easy to remember someone with a face, but in my case I introduce you to someone by showing their body parts. Every body is a new story for me, with its own lines and marks. I always try to read them correctly so I can retell these stories to others with the help of photography.

The process is really interesting because when I shoot someone it is my first appointment with that person. So my pictures are the result of my first expression about their bodies. But still everyone can see different emotions, colors, stories in their bodies.

This idea took me on a long journey. Many of these girls were speaking to me about their problems and their negative complexes regarding their own bodies. Some didn’t even feel okay looking in the mirror. The best moment is when after shooting I hear them saying they felt different, and consider their shapes beautiful because I managed to see them better than they could themselves. At the same time it gave me a lots of self-confidence because I feel I’m doing something interesting and authentic.

I am happy that since the first day when I took my camera many things has changed. My mom, who was against me to do all this, is now one of my fans now, and more and more girls are asking me to be part of the project.

About Sofi Mdivnishvili

Sofi was born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on 27th march, 1996. Her interest in photography started 3 years ago and she only uses analog film cameras for her photos. She has no formal education in photography and approaches her work from a more natural, authentic place.

The process of shooting film taught her how to think and chose something that is more important for the image. She uses only natural light so sometimes everything is guided by what light is present, but she likes to avoid all the artificial things that make her images more constructed and refined.

She wanted to shoot images of women naked because she thought it would be really interesting to see how the bodies could show the inner world of a person. It was a big responsibility because she  “had no clue about photography to do something special. I had many disappointments because of the film but it made me to think more to cinsider hidden things and to think what is more important for me in the process of shooting because you are always limited in photos. At the same time I found out that there are particularly no photographers in Georgia in this field. One of the reason is no trust from girls to men photographers.”

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  1. David A

    Wonderful work @sofiwarhol, and looking forward to writing your review. Getting your perspective as a young woman photographer who is working with nude models in a conservative country is fascinating. Thank you for sharing your/their stories!!!

  2. Colleen Gleason

    Exquisite photographs, @sofiwarhol!

    Welcome to Aimone Photography!

  3. Steve Aimone

    You are creating some truly rich imagery here, Sofi. And I can relate to your feelings about film, medium format film in particular, and in monochrome as well. You evidence a visual acuity that is quite special indeed. Brava.

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