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São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

Profound Azores

Profound Azores

Officially, the archipelago was discovered by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century. The first inhabitants of these islands brought with them ancient religious practices, whose rituals are still practiced in a more or less pure manner. Those rituals take very different forms in each of the islands. These differences are a result of the isolation of each island for centuries.

Of more recent origin, other rituals take on a more urban context. Of a non-religious origin, but no less valid or less characteristic, Carnival rituals are mostly practiced by a youth who are irreverent and who find in these forms of expression a way of affirming their character.

As an Azorean and a photographer, it seems important to document these rituals, before they are tainted by globalization, mass tourism, or power-seeking politicians who often appropriate popular culture, as a way to get the support of the people.

About Paulo Monteiro

My name is Paulo Monteiro. I was born June 1963, in San Miguel, Azores. I am a self taught photographer.

I have developed long term projects about various subjects, such as popular religiosity, profane festivities, architecture, landscape, Nature, or the world of work.

My inspiration sources are the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, William Eugene Smith, Sebastião Salgado and Cristina García Rodero, among others.


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  1. David Aimone

    Beautiful work with cultural traditions, Paulo! Thank you for contributing to the wonderful work we try to share on this website. It is very appreciated!

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