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Biltmore Estate WInter

I am powerfully drawn to photograph the stages in nature’s life cycle: emergence, growth, dissipation, and dormancy. The expansive grounds of the Biltmore Estate, in Asheville, North Carolina, is a terrific place to experience and observe these stages, each in their own right, and the passing from one into another. In the winter, life forms have either passed away or lie dormant. The images here convey the experience of nature in repose, in the quiet and stillness that prevail until its awakening in the spring, when new life begins to emerge.

winter landscape, dirt roadway, Biltmore Estate
winter landscape, dried bramble, Biltmore Estate
winter landscape, thicket, branches and vines, Biltmore Estate
winter landscape, hanging vines, underbrush, tangled, French Broad River, Biltmore Esate
winter landscape, dried vegetation, stream, reflections, Biltmore Estate
winter landscape, bulbous tree trunk, vines, ivy, Biltmore Estate
winter landscape, cut and dried vegetation, forest's edge, Biltmore Estate
windter landscape, angled tree trunks, curvilinera branches, dense bramble, Biltmore Estate
winter landscape, dormant, late light, Biltmore Estate
winter landscape, dense bramble, Biltmore Estate
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Steve Aimone

Steve Aimone

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  1. David Aimone

    Beautiful work, bro…. I could see these hanging in some room at the Biltmore….

    1. steven aimone

      Thanks for the encouragement and support, Dave!

  2. Nicholas Argyros

    I find a Robert Adams vibe in this series. Kudos finding composition and form in nature’s randomness. cf “Nature’s Chaos” Eliot Porter

  3. steven aimone

    Your kind and insightful feedback is most appreciated, Nicholas.

  4. Tim Gottshall

    For me, the time of year that the branches are bare and everything is in shades of gray and brown is the most appealing time for making nature photos. I like these shots from the Biltmore Estate very much, especially the dirt roadway. It looks a like the landscape in north Georgia during winter, a place and time I’m quite familiar with and miss very much. I echo the Eliot Porter comparison. Well done!

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