Matt Lethbridge

Meanderings and Visual Musings in Local Woodland.

My aim is to try and catch the sense of history and atmosphere as I wander between the trees. The slow and methodical way that using film and paper negatives in old plate cameras dictates suits the meditative way that I like to work. Contact printing these negatives in solitude in the darkroom adds to the feeling of being in contact with what you create and prevents you from becoming a casual bystander……….

In the Shadow of Giants
Light Through Trees
Over Troubled Water
Woodsman's Cottage
Woodman's Cottage 2
Local Woodland
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About Matt Lethbridge

Great Britain

Originally from The Isles of Scilly and now based in the north of England, I have been an outdoor photographer for the last 12 years. I started out photographing the landscape with various digital cameras until around three years ago when I decided that I might try shooting a few rolls of film, just to see if I would enjoy the process. What started off as a bit of fun soon turned in to an obsession of sorts, to the point that I now photograph exclusively with film and develop and darkroom print all my own black and white work.

I am usually to be found meandering around my local woodland with either vintage pre-war cameras or pinhole cameras.

We are delighted to welcome Matt to Aimonephoto!

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  1. Val Cargo

    Gorgeous! The depth of each one draws me in. They remind me of mythical enchanted forests from childhood dreams. Charming!

  2. Matt Lethbridge

    Many thanks indeed Val, very much appreciated.

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