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The town of Thomaston is located directly to the southwest of Rockland where we are blessed to spend summers. The town itself is home to elegant, classic Maine homesteads and a small but charming downtown. But the highlight for me is its waterfront— a small working harbor and the adjacent Saint John’s River. When the tide is out, the river becomes an extraordinary and extensive mudflat where you still see clammers and wormers working in waders far from the shoreline. The harbor is home to a small fleet of fishing vessels and, in the summer, a few large sailing ships and visiting luxury craft. Its shoreline is home to a variety commercial buildings, some abandoned and deteriorating, others vital and active. Taken as a whole, the Thomaston waterfront offers beautiful evidence of timeless and patterned cycles of nature hosting more transient man-made forms and and processes. It is an endless source of wonder and inspiration.

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Steve Aimone

Steve Aimone

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