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Owl's Head

Owl’s Head was my first exposure to Maine, forty-some years ago. It was love at first experience and it was from there that I first visited beloved Monhegan Island (see the “Monhegan Backside” portfolio). The landscape at the end of Owl’s Head, where there is a Lighthouse and park, is an inshore relative to the Monhegan experience, replete with monumental bluffs, surrounded by ocean, and relatively untouched. Now, when staying in our summer home in Rockland, Owl’s Head has become, once again, my most direct access to this natural portal to the spiritual, within and without.

Bluff, Behind Lighthouse, Nikon D3300, Mamiya Sekor 80mm F 2.8, 10.30.17
Bluff, Near Lighthouse, Ricohflex Dia M, October 2017
Weather Beaten Spruce Tree, Ocean, Koni Omega Rapid 100, Super Omegon 90mm F 3.5, 7.19.18
Dead Spruce Tree Forms, Sailboat, Atlantic Ocean, Nikon D3300, Mamiya Sekor 90mm F 2.8, 7.18.18
Forest, Trees, Branches, Ricohflex Dia M, September 2017
Wildflowers Forest II, Ricohflex Dia M, September 2017
Low Tide, Seaweed, Dock, Harbor, Ercona II, 8.10.19
Skiff, Rocky Beach, Reflections, Near Dusk, Fujifilm GA645 Pro, 9.15.15
Looking Up, Ramp, Railing, Lighthouse, Mamiya 645 Pro, Mamiya Sekor 45mm F 2.8, August 2019
Harbor, Low Tide, Koni Omega Rapid 100, Super Omegon 90mm F 3.5, 7.18.18
Pier, Harbor, Rippled Water, Mamiya 645 Pro, Mamiya Sekor 45mm F 2.8, July 2019
Pebbly Beach, Granite Bluff, Spruce Trees, Welta Weltur, 7.19.19
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  1. David Aimone

    Beautiful work! As lovely as the mainland Maine coast is, and it is lovely, it doesn’t quite have the power of the Monhegan backside, like your other portfolio…

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