Liz Kemp — Bromoil

This portfolio is a snapshot of my work when I wander through the U.K country with my film camera capturing any image which draws my eye in the natural light.

My fascination with the film and Bromoil process is the control over the final image and the emotional response I get when I  am working. Each picture is unique in that It can never be reproduced exactly and is archival.

A pilgrimage in Northern Ireland
The tree of life
Up in the Lake District
An English Parish Church
What lies beyone the Gate
Through the Arch
An Early Walk in the Spring
That Window
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About Liz Kemp

Liz Kemp studied Chemistry and Photography, and obtained a degree. Photography is a hobby and she has never done it professionally. She loves the work of Ansel Adams and the others in that American period of large format black and white film photography. Alternative photography is her passion, particularly Bromoil, where the image is always under the control of the artist’s hand.

Recently, Bromoil has become a problem to work with because of lack of suitable silver gelatine paper. The one she uses now is Fomobrom IV, which is sadly discontinued.

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  1. Valerie Cargo

    Liz your work is fabulous. I know very little about the bromoil process but you manipulate it beautifully. The soft gentle feel of each peace is magical and mystical, my favourite mood. You now have new fan. Thank you for sharing your stunning work with us!

  2. steven aimone

    Very beautiful work indeed, Liz… great to have on this site. Brava!!!

  3. David A

    @Bertie Nice work and thanks for submitting to the site. Bromoil is so challenging, but I love the look, and there are so few people that do it well…

  4. Holden Richards

    Really love the work

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