Explorations Chapter VII

Kyotocat Afternoon

Gone is the beautiful lightbox of a studio, but there were many incredibly lit figure sessions in the space. One particular afternoon is memorable with one of my favorite models, Kyotocat. I shot a LOT of large format film, mostly 4x5 and 5x7, and have recently started printing them as small contact prints. The prints in this portfolio are all 4x5” contact prints in Albumen, which is a silver and salt light-sensitive process on a base of egg-white and salt coated watercolor paper. These are small, and you may be viewing them on a computer screen larger than the original prints. In your hand, these prints have both a depth and simultaneously the image floats upon the albumen. Available individually or as a few variations of a series.

Kyotocat On Table
Kyotocat Profile
Kyotocat In Window
Kyotocat Arched Pose II
Kyotocat Bend Back
Kyotocat Bend Over Couch
Kyotocat Arched Pose I
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