Winter Portfolio — Jason Philbrook

Rockland, Maine, USA

Light, Shadows, Snow, Tree
End of Winter
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About These Images

I enjoy the quiet solitude of winter here and snow really simplifies woods images. Scenes are more abstract and about shapes and light when the leaves are gone and snow is here. The temporary nature of winter weather excites me too; snow does not stay in place for long and is always changing. Pictorialists used to work in Maine in the summer more than a hundred years ago, but they missed out on the nicest light and woods that come with winter. I mostly use film so I can use old lenses and for how film handles snow highlights.

About Jason Philbrook

I’ve photographed in my home area of Maine for many purposes since high school in the 1990’s. After digging into Eliot Porter & Henry David Thoreau in college, I had a new respect and inspiration for nature photography. I also enjoy photo history and the pictorialists and sometimes employ their style, but always learn from them. Maine is nice in the summer, but I really enjoy winter for photography as I have the place to myself and the low light is even better.

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  1. steven aimone

    Stunning work, Jason… very inspiring. And great to see you here on AimonePhoto!

  2. David Aimone

    Nice work Jason! I still find winter work a challenge. The light is softer but the contrast between shadows and snow is challenging as is the often dull gray weather. Nice to have your work on our site!

  3. Jason Philbrook

    Thanks Steven and David.

    The different weather (overcast versus sunny) require totally different approaches and subject matter in the snow. Sunny we can shoot into the sun if we want, expect visible shadows, have texture and modeling on trees, deal with three dimensions using angles, perspective, and such. We don’t need all these things.. I.e. if we need modeling but not texture perhaps soft focus is an option? Gray days, we need tones and shapes created by actual objects in the photo (such as the ferry scene or the marsh bush) rather than shadows and modeling and can’t depend on texture. Perspective is not assured by the environment as snow looks the same at different distances. Sometimes if a cloud bank blocks the sun while shooting, I have to change gears quickly, and that’s not always possible.

  4. Valerie cargo

    I’m a big fan of winter and snow photography. Your use of soft focus suits your topic beautifully adding mystery. I can sense the feeling of silence and aloneness which only winter can bring. Thanks for adding your portfolio to our growing list of wonderful photography!

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