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My ongoing project of photographing the Eno River that flows through Orange, and Durham counties has been active for more than a decade. I have made photographs here in all seasons, at all times of day, in most locations along the river. The river has offered an ever-changing, constantly evolving location for the making of photographs. It’s a portrait of a subject that won’t sit still. An attempt to photograph an evolving, living entity that has played a huge role in the history and development of the areas around it. It’s also a place where I find exceptional solace and meaning.

Lately I am using only large-format cameras, mostly older than 100 years old, and contact printing the results in the traditional wet darkroom.

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We are delighted to welcome Holden to Aimonephoto!

About Holden Richards

Holden Richards is a traditional large format film photographer and native North Carolinian currently residing in Hillsborough. Inspired by primarily by walking the creeks and rivers of Orange, and Durham Counties, these locations and subjects predominate his photographic work. He has studied view camera (with Jim Stone) and alternative printing (Jill Enfield) at Penland School of Crafts. He is a current Getty Images Contributor who has had his work featured print, including the Oxford American magazine as well as appearing in corporate advertising campaigns through Getty. His work has been recognized and included in shows juried by curators from SECCA and the Mint Museum of Art among others.

Lately Holden is using mostly large format cameras, mostly older than 100 years old, and contact printing the results in the traditional wet darkroom on select European papers as well as making Kallitypes and other alternative prints.

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  1. Colleen Gleason

    Welcome Holden! It is such a visual pleasure to meet you through your knowledge and eyes here. I look forward to learning more of your photographic journey, because it is an amazing one.

  2. David Aimone

    Holden, I am so glad that you’ve shared your work with us on AimonePhoto! I have always admired what you do and find a kinship between our two bodies of work. You’ve even motivated me to gather and take more images of my local creek (the one smaller than the Hudson) called the Kayaderosseras. It’s more of a mouthful than “Eno”!

  3. Holden Richards

    Hi Colleen and David, thanks for the kind comments! David sounds like both of our waterway names are native ones…

  4. Scott Stillman

    Wonderful portfolio, Holden! It has been a joy to observe your work on the Eno for years now. Your reverence of place and craft is evident in each photograph in the series.

  5. Holden Richards

    Thanks Scott!

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