Body Suite

Kallitype Prints by David Aimone

This series of prints came into existance recenlty from a group of 4×5″ film photos taken years ago of Hannah.  I wanted to do something different, so I suggested images of her hands on her body, in different locations and positions. Using an antique portrait lens with relatively narrow depth of focus, these images highlight the hands over the face or other areas of the body.

These seven images were printed with the intention of being a series, something I rarely did in the past but do more often these days.  So each print was designed to be the same size, though with both portrait and landscape orientations.  Each print was exposed and processed identically, using Kallitype Black developer and a Palladium Toner.  This results in a soft blackish-beige tonality.  These prints are available individually or as a unified show/series.

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  1. Steve Aimone

    A most thoughtful, sensitive, and distinctive group of images. Would make a terrific show in a small exhibition space or part of a larger one. Splendid stuff!

    1. aimonephoto

      Thank you brother Steve! I agree and that’s my hope. Keep moving forward!

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