Photography By Wandering About

(With a nod to the FLICKR group by the same name)

Kenilworth Inn, Asheville, NC, 11.10.20

People who see me in the landscape with a camera in hand often ask, “What are you taking pictures of?” My best short answer is “I’ll know it when I see it.” Or, as the abstract expressionist painter Adolf Gottlieb put it, “The meaning is revealed though the act of doing.”

A longer version of the response might go something like this: I wander about, intensely present and aware, until I am struck by an experience of aliveness in this world… and I click the shutter!” The aliveness I refer to may be literal (the opening of a blossom, the shriveling of an autumn leaf) or found in metaphorical relationships between things (the rhythm in a tree stand or the state of flux in the surf). This experience may occur while simply looking; at other times it occurs while looking through a viewfinder.

One specific answer is found in the group of images shown here, shot during a brief, pre-dusk wander around the grounds of the Kenilworth Inn in Asheville, NC. The experience was in essence twofold, both involving the dissipation of one of nature’s life cycles. The time near dusk presented the experience of daytime dissipating into darkness. And the late autumn setting offered the experience of botanical forms dissipating and passing away (or into dormancy).

This was my first visit to the inn, it was getting late, and the grounds were laden with commercial vehicles and power lines, and I wasn’t expecting much. So I let go, wandered, and experienced the beauty slowly came into view…

The images here come from one roll of 120 film (Fomapan 200) shot with a Mamiya 645 Pro medium format camera, fitted with a mamiya sekkor 80mm f/2.8 lens, and developed with Moersch Eco developer. The roll yielded sixteen shots, eight of which are shown here.

Steve Aimone

Steve Aimone

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  1. Julie Markfield

    Beautiful work and messaging

    1. Steve Aimone

      Most appreciated, Julie, and thanks for taking a look!

  2. Terry Olsen

    Nice work! I found this blog post through your Flickr post on the group “PBWA”.

    1. Steve Aimone

      Thanks, Terry… Looking forward to crossing paths on PBWA. And thanks for checking in here.

  3. David Aimone

    Bravo brother! I think this is the most unified and accomplished set of images that you have presented here so far. Lovely tones, textures and rhythms throughout!

  4. Steve Aimone

    Very much taken to heart, kind bro. Means a lot!

    1. Steve Aimone

      Thank you for the kind words, Dan. I took a look at you work online… kudos to you as well! Hope to continue to cross paths.

  5. Duane Couch

    Beautiful images, Steve, and I love your description of the process.

    1. Steve Aimone

      Thank you, dear Duane, very much taken to heart…

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