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Gregory Praxus 45 and the Intrepid 810 mkii

I have an Intrepid 810 mk2 camera...

But I needed a better way to carry it...

Part of the downside of large format photography, especially as you move beyond a 4×5, is lugging all your gear into the field.  Of course, the more streamlined your kit, the easier to carry.

I had found an inexpensive cooler that does have a strap, but it’s bulky, not ergonomic and just not meant to be carried full for any length of time. I really needed something better to use for carrying the camera and accessories.  Not too expensive, not too big (but still fit the camera and more), easy to pack, and comfortable to wear.  I wanted something I could use both for a basic kit (8×10, one lens, a few film holders, etc.) as well as an extended kit (2-3 lenses, reducing back and film holders for both sizes).

Everything fit fairly nicely into the cooler, but it was not at all easy to carry.  So I measured up the volume and dimensions, and decided generally what I needed for the pack.  After looking at a few different brands for features, dimensions and price, I settled a backpack from the Gregory company.  I chose the smallest one that would fit the 13″ width of the Intrepid and had the features that I wanted:  The Gregory Praxus 45.

The Praxus weighs a little under 3.5 pounds empty and goes for a bit under $150 (I got mine on sale for just over $100 including taxes and free shipping).

I’m just starting to do these videos and did this one on the fly, so it’s far from professionally done.  Perhaps next time!

More info on the 810 mkii
More info on the Praxus 45
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Steve Aimone

    Looks like an ideal carrying case for venturing into the field. Thanks for recommending!

    1. David Aimone

      Thanks Steve. Perhaps it will see the shores of Monhegan some day soon…

  2. Tim Gottshall

    Nice! The pack has a Tardis-like quality. I thought you were never going to stop pulling stuff out of it. And it’s a better alternative than a pack animal – you don’t have to feed it.

    Good job on the video also. Movies are a good addition to Photo Phridays.

    1. David Aimone

      Thanks Tim! I didn’t really know I was making a “video” until I started doing it. Maybe I’ll plan a bit more next time and do horizontal!

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