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START Art Fair 2024, Kings Cross London

October 2024

START Art Fair 2024, Kings Cross London

Since its founding in 2014, StART art fair has helped to springboard the careers of many emerging artists from around the globe.

StART art fair celebrated its 10th anniversary at Saatchi Gallery, London 11-15 October 2023 and had been the first commercial art fair to be held at Saatchi Gallery. Now a decade later StART has relocated to an incredible space within the Town Hall situated across from the iconic and bustling creative technology hub Kings Cross, St Pancras, now known simply as KX.

King Cross Town Hall benefits from a multi-million pound five-year renovation, the building has been fully and sympathetically updated and futureproofed. Situated directly across from St.Pancras and Kings Cross stations, the location couldn’t be more perfect for visitors from all over London the UK and abroad. St Pancras Square is home to the headquarters of giants such as Google, LVMH, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, JP Morgan, Deloitte, Universal Music, YouTube and many more.

The venue’s location is 11 minutes from Regent’s Park and FRIEZE.

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