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Cluster Contemporary London OXO Wharf


Cluster Contemporary London OXO Wharf

Cluster Contemporary fair will highlight contemporary visual art practices including all mediums from painting, sculpture, performance, sound and new media. The 2022 fair entitled Pandemonium & Order will give young artists from around the world a platform to express their views on the new world order as it emerges from the chaos and ruins of the old world. Based on the concept that the ideology and global socio-economic structures of our current world order are profoundly unsustainable, Cluster Contemporary wants to champion a new generation of visual artists that explore different prospective realities and break the norms and stigmas defining contemporary culture and ideology.

The art fair will feature individuals and collectives that create experimental digital and audio-visual work, inviting our audience to completely immerse themselves in another reality - a reality for reflection, escape and resurrection. We want to encourage emerging contemporary artists from around the world to use Cluster Contemporary as a framework to experiment freely, push boundaries and engage with contemporary art as a means of survival, expression, reflection and an important tool to collectively shape the present and future of our shared universe.

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