If you are interested in working with me (figure nudes or clothed), please contact me, But first read my Modeling terms here.

About Me and Working With Models


I am a professional fine art photographer. Professional in the abilities and standards I hold. I no longer do commercial photography, so I don’t make a living doing this. I am retired and on a fixed budget.  I have worked with over 100 models, and I pride myself on helping to create a safe, respectful and truly collaborative work environment.  I have worked with numerous models repeatedly.  Feel free to check references with anyone I’ve worked with!

I am a fine art photographer. I photograph everything from landscapes to still life to portraits and people. Photographing people is very rewarding, and I approach this with an artistic sense and with professionalism. My goal is to produce images that are beautiful, sensual, elegant, classic, sensitive, powerful, engaging. I like to work with natural beauty, or natural presence, which of course can mean different things to different people. And I like to work with natural light when possible. As a photographer, I am reliable and insist on good communication before and during the session.

I work with both medium/large format film and digital, and many images end up as alternative process prints.

******* At this time, I am only accepting TF arrangements as outlined below At this time, I am only accepting TF arrangements as outlined below *******

I will consider working with you on a TF basis and help to offset a portion of your travel costs (no more than $100 if coming from a distance).

You will view the entire shot catalog, and receive (and help pick) a set of images that are edited. These images will be full resolution and with no watermark. You can use these images as you see fit, but with credit given at all times. You can use these images to make money (i.e. Patreon) or sell prints through a venue that is personally under your control. You cannot license these images out to another party for their use. I retain the ownership and rights to all images. I do reserve the right to ask you to take down images from a venue or presentation that is in conflict with what I do as a fine art photographer (i.e., placing images on a “porn” site).

I may even provide you with a small assortment of silver and alternative process prints.

We have hosted many models at our home.

Signed model release will be required.

At this time, I am NOT working with models on a paid basis.  Having said that, under this arrangement photos taken and owned by me can be used by you to make money, including on platforms such as Patreon.  You may NOT alter images without my consent or sell prints without my consent.

I can pay a small amount to help offset part of your travel costs.  If I travel to you, the shoot will be “TF”.

We have hosted many models at our home.

Signed model release will be required.


Please also note that while I am located in New York, I am not in New York City.  I am in Saratoga Springs, about 3-4 hours drive north of NYC, just above Albany, and about half way to Montreal. I am just off the Interstate 87, and there are busses and trains that come to Saratoga.


(and Model Mayhem #; multiple asterisks* means number of times worked with if more than one time)

Alexandria Funk #3002978

Allysa Stornelli #2649782

Ana Ivanova #2169531**

Anna Catherine #372644**

Anoush Anou #1507992**

Autumn Leigh #3856332

Bianca de Blaca #3202904**

Bloom #2155164

Bola Odejobi (not on MM)

Breanna Marie #3239546**

Brianna Fern #2903209

Burkey #1846326

Camilla J (not on MM)

Carling #2298961 **

Celina Bobina #2598753 **

Christa Whitbeck (MUA) #3353622

Christelle Rose #356929**

Colleen Stengel #3481580

Cristina Blackwell #2919064

Dellucci #2888897 ****…

Denisa Strakova #3147900

DeSalle #1188503

Elisa Bridget #2994658 **

Encar Tambolero (not on MM)

Eva_Luna #2001318

Evelyn Sinclair #3896652

Evyenia Karapolous #3875927

Fiona Von Fox #3514160

Gillian Corbin (Barbados)

Hanah Bonanza #3012216 ***

Inner Essence #3262796

Izebel Vivant #1663055 ***

Jacs F #2868429 **

Jae Ross #3746685 (Barbados)

Jane Krantz #3881551 **

Julia Pohl #4208645**

Kat Black #4025364

Katie Thierry #4082826 ****

Kay Tomlin #2736574

Kaynel Hurdle (Barbados)

Keira Grant #799498

Kelsey Dylan #1223875***

Kioshi Yang #3138547****…

Kyotocat #3042338 **

Lily Ann R #2879304

Lola Grace #1287844

Lotus Lito #4270569

Lynne #1735977**

Madeline Reynolds #4225367

Marissa Stearns #2738789***

mayatihtiyas #3707728

Melissa Troutt #752466

Micayla #728204

Milo Rose (not on MM)

MLT Model #2945059**

Monique #749397 ****…

Ms Dakota Snow #3892380

Nadia Ruslanova #2838073 

Nadine Theresa Stevens #2886266

Nala Flame (not on MM) **

Nicki Vala #2441756

Nickie #4504333 **

Nikita Kaltenbrunner #1568543

Nova D’Amour #3537000

Nymph #1145015

Rachel Ann (not on MM)

Reagan S. (not on MM)

Reagan Wilder #4251356

Roxanne #3059270

Ruby Slipper #2271300 **

Sarah Faire #3814238 ***

Sarah J. Amster #2748157

Sienna Hayes #2601467

Stacey Scott #401219 ****…

StarlingSeed #2946520

Stephanie Marie #2611386****

TreeChild #3815665****…

Ursa Minor (not on MM)

Victoria Sans #2824432

Zoe West #1089400

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