New Project, Looking for Subjects

I am starting a project that will ultimately end up as a gallery and online photographic show and essay.  The title will be “Artists and Artisans of Saratoga” and will be images of local artists/artisans taken by an 8×10″ film camera using an antique portrait lens.  These images should be taken in the environment where the artist/artisan does their work.


The camera to be used is a brand new Intrepid 8×10″ film camera made from aluminum and finished plywood.

The lens may be a 1950’s Wollensak Veritar soft focus portrait lens, 14″ focal length and f/6 at it’s brightest and softest.

Alternatively, it may be a 375mm Goerz Dogmar lens, a 210mm Voightlander Heliar portrait lens, a 240mm Wollensak Velostigmat portrait lens, or a more traditional LF lens

Who is Eligable?

If you are an artist or a craftsperson whose end results are above the normal commonplace, you are eligable.  From photographers, musicians and sculptors to farmers, cabinet makers and chefs.  You must do your work in the City of Saratoga or Saratoga County.