Azores V - Something different while we wait.

Three beautiful videos from the Azores. All are stunningly beautiful and different, and all three have the option of watching in full screen:

The first, “Parque Grena”, is from a forest preserve on our island, Sao Miguel.  The preserve is in a volcanic crater, located in a caldeira, between the crater Lake Furnas and the rim, and just next to the town of Furnas.  This place reminds me of the rainforests in the Pacific Northwest.  By the way, you can rent a hammock in the trees by the hour!

The second takes us more than 300 miles to the western, wetter island of Flores (flowers), where the video shows a small part of the island dominated by huge cliffs and waterfalls.  This island, the smaller one right next to it, Corvo, are two that I definitely want to visit with my camera!

The third video returns to Sao Miguel and the Azores Burning Summer Festival of 2017, which takes place the last weekend of August in the little beach town of Moinhos, where we stayed on our trip in May.  Of course, the festival did not really happen in 2020 due to COVID, and we’ll be arriving too late for this year, but sign me up for 2021.  It should be mellow, not crowded and very relaxing.  And I do think that they have scaled down the beach bonfire in subsequent years.

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