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A Home in the Azores

We have made an offer on a home which has been accepted, but of course there is still a way to go before the sale is finalized!  Is this crazy?  You can let me know in the comments!

Before I talk about the house, here is a short video on the beach near the vacation rental where we stayed in May.  More photos from this area in another upcoming blog post!

I meant to update this while we were on the island, but apparently it wanted to wait until after we returned  home, which now was a week ago. To make a long story short (and there will be more details forthcoming in a future post), We’ve purchased a home about a mile from the ocean, but up on a hill with an ocean view.  The Island of São Miguel is mountainous, so the chances of that were pretty good, though not a given.  The home is in the western area of the central (relatively) flat and populated section of the island, looking toward the north coast.  It’s at the end of a dead end road (which starts off VERY narrow because of old existing buildings) on the edge of the village area of São Vicente Ferreira. Beyond our house the road turns dirt for only farm tractors heading out to the pastures.  In addition to a sea view, we can see volcanic cone mountains in the distance.  Yes, the Azores are active volcanos, but we are in a relatively quiet section of the island, but hey, you never know!

The property has a lovely house with a main floor and an open gabled second floor, plus a second building which houses two apartments.  One apartment will be a guest apartment/airbnb and the other will likely be art studios, storage and possibly a gallery.  House/property images in a gallery below.  ETA for us is likely September, maybe!

Nothing on this 10-day trip dissuaded us from pursuing this move.  The island it beautiful; the weather and people are friendly and temperate; and everyone has been encouraging.  Also, we could never afford a home like this in a decent location in the USA, but here it was fairly affordable.

Next post I’ll post the handful of scenic photos that I took.  This trip was more business than vacation, but we did rent a place in a drop-dead gorgeous location!

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  1. steven aimone

    Perfectly “crazy.” Splendid, terrific, enriching… and on and on, Big time congrats Dave!

    1. David Aimone

      Of course, I still have some nervousness and doubt, but in general I’m quite surprised how comfortable and positive I am about this major change…

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