Azores Bound III

The Game is Afoot !!!

Short update: We have permission to fly to the Island of Sao Miguel for the “essential business” of real estate shopping.  We have our vaccines, and will need COVID tests just prior to flying, but going should no longer be a problem.  That is, unless the rules change on May 1st, just before we go for 10 days…  So the next Azores Blog Post update should be from the island while we’re there!

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  1. Dennis Moser

    Fingers crossed for you! I’ve managed to relocate to France, from Germany, but I still have things in the apartment back in Leipzig and trying to arrange the logistics of getting them here in France. Moving internationally was a challenge even in the best of times (left the US nearly four years ago, now); the pandemic has added a layer of complexity that is unbelievable, especially as the rules and regulations seem to change on a daily, if not hourly, basis!

    1. David Aimone

      Between COVID and this move, we’re quite learning to “go with the flow” and that everything has it’s own pace. Still many miles to go…

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