Anya Kay #3 at the Lightbox Gallery in Astoria, Oregon

This image by David Aimone, uncensored, will be part of the show “LightBox Photographic Nude 2021” at the Lightbox Gallery, in Astoria, Oregon, from February 13th to March 8th, 2021.  Why is it censored here? Because I want to share it on social media, and even thought it merits showing in a fine art gallery, there are small sections of the image that trigger censoring on those platforms.

This post is censored because it is being shared on social media.  Click on the image below to see the original uncensored print.

Window light and room shadow. Going to the Lighbox Photo Gallery in Astoria, Oregon.

I have participated in this show for many years past, and I am delighted to do so again.  This print is a silver gelatin contact print from the original 8×10″ film negative, meaning that negative was placed on photographic film and exposed under light to make a 1:1 8×10″ print without using an enlarger or computer in the process.

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  1. Stacey Lynn Scott

    LOOOOOVE how this came out! Beautiful!

    1. David Aimone

      Thank you SO much Stacey! I hope you and your family are well…

  2. antoine31

    Why did you ruin what would have been a great picture?

    1. David Aimone

      Please read the post above.

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