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Explorations — Catalog of Works by David Aimone

An image reveals the intimate relationship between the photographer and the subject, whether it is a figure, landscape, or still life. The result defines the perspective of the photographer as he or she witnesses and
experiences life through time.

David Aimone’s images reflect on the very essence of human life. His is an exploration between his own personal and intimate relationship with his self—in body and mind—and his interaction with forms in the visible world.
A reminder of Hemingway’s man versus man, man versus nature, man versus himself—Aimone’s intimate portraits allow the viewer to experience the photographs’ inherent narrative content. With a soft pictorial approach and a strong sense of romanticism, Aimone’s images depict his quest for and fascination with beauty, whether he is portraying the figure in its natural form, or so-called inanimate forms in nature.

At first glance, Aimone’s subjects are easily discernable. Then, the images pull the viewer closer. Step by step, one is captivated by the detail--the lighting that renders, the textures that seduce, the patterns that unify. One of the artist’s goals is to portray a subject or theme in a way that is not common, expected, generic.When working with the human figure, David senses and responds to their individuality-- their inner essence--in search of a deeper connection. The body is experienced as a figural landscape. One experiences the form through the filter of the photographer himself. Aimone re-presents his subject’s energetic essence, its inherent beauty, as opposed to the layering that society expects to see in the figure, expectations germinated through advertising, selling and other stereotypical avenues.

To see, one only needs eyes. Meanwhile, to observe requires to look from within. Closely.

...Adriana Teresa Letorney, cofounder,

©2015 by David Aimone Photography.  32 pages, 6.5x8.5"

$ 15


From Maine to Montepulciano: Exhibit Catalog

Now available is a 28 page catalog, FROM MAINE TO MONTEPULCIANO: PHOTOGRAPHIC RESPONSES TO TIMELESS PLACES, focusing featuring photography by my brother Steven and myself. 

All but one of the Maine images are from incomparable Monhegan Island where we photograph together every year. These images are juxtaposed with photographs taken of Italian landscape and architecture, predominately from Tuscany and Piemonte. 

Now offered at $16 including shipping...…

Framed and unframed prints available here: